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Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair (pc game)
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  • Wow!! Steven Spielberg!!
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Make a movie with Spielberg!

Alright, alright, we know it, Steven Spielberg's empire of games, movies, paraphernalia, figurines and many other things spans continents, and it could be a little industry all on its own, but bare with me for a moment! This is actually an entertaining (enough!) sort of adventure, though you could look at it as a bundle of minigames, all geared towards explaining how the movie industry functions. Nope, you're not going to be making a movie per se, but you are going to be involved in a lot of interactive scenes that pertain to movie making, from set making to movie production, to directing, to editing, shipping, and finally, managing the press. Phew, you might think that it is some self involved interactive experience, but, I think for the era in which it was released, when internet wasn't as common place, the info the game delivers can be enough to spark the passion and the desire to actually produce or learn more about movies. Surely, it's a bit naïve and a bit clunky a bundle, but it could have been worse! Unless you actually were looking for more of a tycoon experience, case in which Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania will prove a much better alternative.