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Stormlord (pc game)
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  • Title screen
  • Classic stuff
  • Stylish visuals
  • Looking for beasts
  • Grab the key
  • Can't make the jump
  • Maggots!
  • On the wings of an eagle
  • Keep blasting
  • How to get through?
  • Under attack
  • Nice statue
  • No way through
  • Nasty things
  • Ooh, a nice big key!
  • I don't like that skull
  • Game title screen
  • Entering treehouse
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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So many fairies to save and so little time, oh!

Stormlord takes the premise of the lady in distress and takes it to ridiculous levels. In the land of Stormlord all of the fair ladies are unable to rescue themselves, and the number of chivalrous individuals is so small that it is almost insignificant. So, if you accept the quest, there is going to be some mean work to be done, so much so that you are going to feel almost overwhelmed. At least the game is delivered in a sort of hack and slash action, with no extra RPG elements, so from that perspective, it is quite easy to understand and acquire some mastery of. Quite an interesting game, to be fair, one that will really test your abilities to work fast, engage in some lite puzzles and also, to work with some cool fairy attracting mechanics: use a pot of honey to release the fairy from her unwanted suitors and then go in and save her. Don't know if this is some sort of human rights sort of commentary or what, but it made for some cool gaming sessions, for sure. So, yeah, surely a barbarian game more engaging than Barbarian (!) more interesting and more long lived. Give it a try!