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Strike Commander Speech Pack edition (pc game)
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Audio addon for Strike Commander

The original Strike Commander was a modern combat simulator, a combination of a few different real time action gameplay mechanics all held together under the convolving ark of a conflict. This addon here contains, as the name suggests, a sound file package, which adds real voices over the dialogues, which in the original were only included as text. At any rate, with the GOG download of the game you will get both the addon as well as the original game merged together making this specific addon as a single file package a little redundant, lest you were looking to actually install it over the original game. But, at any rate, Strike Commander is a special kind of game which deserves a rerun with the voices pack, whether you've experienced it before in its unpatched version or not. The action combines ground unit first person portions with driving and flying portions and a lot more other portions. So if you like aerial combat as in Pacific Strike as well as first person action plus driving sequences, you can have them all into one, now with the added benefit of all these portions having a common theme behind them.