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Strike Point: The Hex Missions (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Go get 'em tiger!

This little known 3D blaster is actually a pretty decent game which packs a whole lot of excitement and which is more than worth a look if you're into the likes of Descent or Cyberia. You can pretty much ignore the by-the-numbers storyline, which is fairly tedious stuff involving a terrorist-like mega-corporation trying to take over the world by destroying the planet's ecosystem (not really where they're going to live when the Earth is a desolate wasteland but never mind). It falls to the player to jump into the cockpit of a slick, hi-tech helicopter and take out the corporation's bases before they can bring about the apocalypse. There are ten locations to travel to around the world, each with their own missions, like destroying stuff, rescuing scientists and defusing the devices the organisation plans to destroy the world with. You have three choppers to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics, and they all come with some nicely destructive weaponry. The game is presented as a sort of flight simulator, but make no mistake, this is an arcade action game all the way, somewhat akin to a first person Jungle Strike. There's not much in the way of complex controls to get the hang of, while missions are not exactly deep or requiring of serious thinking and strategy. What they are however, is immensely fun. Each mission offers a number of wonderfully explosive moments which are joyous in their destructiveness and everything licks along at a great pace, with the action rarely letting up. Visuals are a touch lacking in detail and flash, but this is a minor point and for some good old blasting thrills, this is tough to beat.