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Mechs in space!

While looking a bit flashier than classic shooters such as Space Harrier and Afterburner, Strike Suit Zero basically boils down to pretty much the same thing, but it remains a pretty enjoyable experience. It's got your usual science fiction themed nonsense for a storyline but packs in lots of exciting battles and transforming mechs which turns it into an explosive good time. The story here finds the player fighting to save the Earth from its own colonies, which have turned on it and which have found a powerful alien artifact to help them out. What all this boils down to is a standard into-the-screen shooter, where you control a dinky little spaceship and must blow the living daylights out of everything you encounter. There are four unlockable spaceships, each of which has different loadouts, and which can be selected before a mission starts. The other big feature here is the ship's ability to change into a cool giant flying robot, which ups your destructive capabilities by allowing you to target a number of enemies at once. You also have secondary mission objectives to complete and which allow you to upgrade your ship further. Strike Suit Zero is simple stuff but if you're into space shooters, it's worth checking out. The visuals are slick and detailed, with some nice ship and mech design, while the whole thing rattles along at a decent pace. The blasting is intense and exciting, but there's little else going on here, so don't expect this to last you forever. While it does last though, it's good entertainment.