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Sub Mission (pc game)
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  • Captured 2002
  • Sub Mission pc game
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Unusual underwater thrills

This rather obscure take on the submarine simulator genre is notable perhaps only for its sheer weirdness and anyone going into it expecting a serious sub sim like 688 Attack Sub will be sorely disappointed. It's still worth checking out though, offering as it does offer a fairly enjoyable, if unspectacular, slice of underwater action. Set in the distant future, the story revolves the kidnapping of two humans by an evil alien warlord who then offers to free them but only if someone can defeat him in a deadly submarine-based game. What this translates into is an unusual mix of submarine sim and action game as the player takes control of the only person brave enough to face up to the challenge. It's your responsibility to preserve your sub, find the kidnapped humans and return them home. You can assign robots to your crew to help out and must complete a set of missions before you can rescue the captives, but if you fail, the characters literally die and you are faced with the fact that won't ever be able to play the game again (at least on the original disk-based version). As a curiosity, Sub Mission is certainly intriguing, if only for its unusual setting and fun, albeit rather slight, missions. It's lacking in the complexity of most sub sims so it's definitely not one for those seeking depth and detail, and is instead aimed more at the action crowd and in this respect, it just about delivers the goods. The visuals are quite striking in that gloriously 1980s way so if you are a fan of retro underwater adventures, then this should keep you happy for a while.