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Sublevel Zero (pc game)
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Descend into madness

A mixture of classic six degrees of freedom shooters like Forsaken and Descent and roguelike titles, Sublevel Zero is a challenging but exciting offering that is worth picking up if you like to exercise your trigger finger. The game takes place in a science fiction universe where everything is falling apart, with technology scattered to the four winds and with wormholes and other events sending humanity to the corners of the universe. As a gunship pilot working for one of the many clans, you discover an uncharted facility and must venture into it to uncover its secrets and bring them back to your leaders, with the vague hope of saving everything from eternal ruin. What follows sees you exploring six procedurally generated levels, each of which contains a reactor which must be destroyed in order to obtain certain tech parts. You can move with complete freedom, taking out the many enemies which lurk within with a wide range of weapons.You can also craft upgrades while there's a range of ships to try out, each with their own stats. For a while at least, Sublevel Zero is an entertaining blaster that certainly brings back memories of its inspiration. However, once you get past the giddy thrills of flying like a maniac through the dizzying levels, you'll realize that there's little actual depth or variety to the game and it's here it lets itself down. It's an attractive game, with some fancy effects that draw the eye, and the blasting is exciting in the right way, but ultimately, there's just too little here to be a truly satisfying experience.