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Suburban Commando (pc game)
4 out of 5 (1 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Suburban Commando pc game
  • In space
  • Start the engine
  • Many bombs
  • Destroy the alien ships
  • Beware the rockets
  • Stage 1
  • Avoid the big arms
  • Missile detection
  • Fire at will
  • Some space action
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A mix of all sorts of action; Hulk Hogan approved!

Suburban Commando is a very cool action mix game, containing space shooting, run and jumping sidescroller and also a good dose of beat them up shenanigans. All these portions are held together by a futuristic story, where gladiators and Hogan, an intergalactic hero! Yep, it's a potpourri of the most weird 90s pulp, and not the kind of TV or cinema blend you'd think cool, but the kind that today you have to look at with a bit of a grin on your face! But, for all intents and purposes, the game plays nice, and the quick alternation between playing styles and levels, with shooting in space, then bashing beat them up style than jumping and running proves very satisfying. Graphically it's a mixed bag; it looks a bit fated, the textures and the backgrounds as the animations aren't the most well chosen or worked, but as I said, you don't expend a lot of time with none of the levels, so all the problems kind of fade in the background. At any rate, give it a go if action mixes are to your liking. And try Eat This, also more of a sidescroller shooter, yet a better than average one, with darkly, futuristic graphics.