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Sunrise (pc game)
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Just flying

This cheap and cheerful little game is actually an add-on for the strangely hypnotic and alluring Race the Sun. The base game is a pretty stylish sort of endless racer experience which provides some unusual entertainment for a short while. However, while fans of it might be tempted to check out this expansion, which is only a couple of bucks, it probably isn't worth the investment, no matter how small it might be. Although the original was an exciting thrill ride, where you raced against the sun in a cool flying machine in order prove your worth, Sunrise merely brings a new game mode to the table. This time around, there are no leaderboards, no high scores, no competition, and really not much of anything. Instead, the aim here is simply to provide a calm and zen-like experience, where you fly through abstract environments with no real goal other than to soak up the atmosphere. The whole thing is backed up by some appropriately soothing music to help you wash away your troubles, but that really is all you're going to get. Sunrise is something of a peculiar beast. It's hard to wholeheartedly recommend it, as it doesn't really provide all that much in the way of entertainment, but within the goals it set itself, it's equally as difficult to call it a failure. The fact that there is no point to the game is entirely the point of its existence, so as long as you go into it knowing this simple but important fact, you should be OK. The visuals and music are undeniably stylish and at the end of the day, it does help you chill out a bit.