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Super Bubble Mania (pc game)
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  • Let's blow this bubble!
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The digital equivalent of wrapping bubble popping!

Super Bubble Mania is a simple and very cute arcader in which your goal is to pop a balloon until it completely disappears. But, you'll say, wouldn't one single prick be enough?! Well, the rules in this game's universe are a bit different. You see, when you pop a balloon it doesn't just explode out of existence, it turns into 2 balloons. Pop these balloons and you get another set of smaller balloons, until you finally get the smallest ones and once popped they stay popped. So, the game is a really cute timewaster, stress reliever when Minesweeper is too much of an intellectual and concentration challenge or when Solitaire just won't cut it! Graphically, the game makes use of a simple 2D sidescroller world with a nice, relaxing backdrop and the character, a boy or girl, moves around just as cute and has a very relaxing set of moves. So, when you need a Zen game that doesn't involve thinking, just reacting, Super Bubble Mania can do it and energize you while leaving your thoughts free to wonder wherever you'd like. Pop em all!