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Superfrog HD (pc game)
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Be like the frog

Superfrog is a cracking little platformer from Team 17, designers of Worms and Alien Breed, and plays out like a mix of James Pond, Sonic and Jazz Jackrabbit. It's not quite a classic, thanks to its general lack of innovation, but it is fast, furious and fun, so if you're into the genre, it's well worth a look. This HD update is probably the best version to try as it includes a few neat extras, although the base game is largely untouched. The gameplay is familiar stuff and sees you in the role of the titular frog who must make his way through a series of side scrolling platform levels, jumping on enemies and picking up all sorts of extras. The main goal is to pick up a defined number of coins within a given time limit, and there are six worlds to explore, each with four levels. That's pretty much in terms of content, but the HD update brings in a few new elements of note. The artwork is of course flashed up, with some stylish new cartoon-style visuals and animation, while there are also 24 new levels across six environments, along with an endless runner mode. The original levels have been tweaked a little but purists can unlock them in all their former glory if they want. Superfrog certainly isn't brimming with originality but you can't get away from the fact that it's just plain fun. It now looks even better than ever, with lovely sprites and environments, and with sound to match. The new levels are well designed and enjoyable, with a good level of challenge, so overall, this makes a good addition to any platform fan's collection.