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Superior Soldiers (pc game)
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Mutant fighters

This is another one of those lesser known nineties arcade games that appeared on the collection called Irem Arcade Hits alongside its brethren such as Gunforce and Vigilante. It's a decent enough beat 'em up but you may as well get it in the collection as that way you have a bunch of other titles as well. This one is a traditional one-on-one fighter in the style of Street Fighter 2 and offers most of the usual features of the genre but there's little to make it really stand out, so it's probably best one for fans only. There is a bit of interesting plot line to explain why everyone's bashing away at each other and which involves strange objects from space falling to Earth and killing 90 per cent of the population, leaving only mutants who now spend their time in brutal combat. You've got a handful of characters to choose from, including a samurai, some mutants, and a nuclear cyborg, each of whom has their own special moves, including punches, dashes, kicks, and charges. You progress through the rounds in traditional fashion until the final showdown with Skull Reaper, the big boss, but there's also a two-up mode if you so fancy. Superior Soldiers doesn't do anything new with the fighting genre but if you can accept this lack of originality, it's entertaining enough. The visuals are perhaps the high point, if you're into that nineties arcade look, as there are some nice sprites and background designs to enjoy and which and chunky and colorful. The action is entertaining enough, with a decent variety of moves and characters, while the challenge level is just about right, making this a solid, if unmemorable, brawler.