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Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition (pc game)
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Where's my watch?

If you've got Surgeon Simulator 2013 and still enjoy fiddling about with it and trying to save patients from a hideous depth, then this cheap and cheerful add-on pack might be for you. If you haven't got the base game or have had enough of it already though, you can easily skip this. The original is a darkly humorous simulator that gives you a taste for what it's like to slice people up for a living, but with the goal of helping them back to a healthy life. It's not a serious sim though, and is really only to be taken for a bit of a laugh and if played in this fashion, it is pretty fun. This expansion pack is basically more of the same, and expands on the principles of its predecessor by giving you the same as before, just gorier and with more slapstick humor. There are more operations to perform and which can be done under a variety of conditions, from the relative safety of the operating theater to impromptu ones where you'll pull someone's liver out in a corridor or the back of an ambulance. If you do want a quick blast of hospital-related fun and fancy a break from Theme Hospital then this should just about hit the mark. It's not a complex game but it is entertaining, in a gruesome, over-the-top way and performing the variety of operations is both challenging and fun. The visuals are nicely bright and vibrant with a good use of color and detail, and which suit the tone of the game perfectly. There is a lot of blood and guts, so the squeamish should not apply but if you can handle it, there's a good time to be had here.