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The rogue-like goes modern

This is a bit of a departure for the Sword of the Stars series. While other games in the franchise, such as A Murder of Crows and Lords of Winter, are 4X science fiction strategy titles, this one is actually an old-school rogue-like adventure, but with a modern twist. It's set in the same universe as the other titles, so fans will appreciate this most of all, but even if you aren't, there's a lot to enjoy here, especially if you're a follower of proper retro classics like Rogue and Hack. The story finds you in the middle of a plague-ridden colony and it falls to you to venture into the depths of an ancient alien facility in search of a cure. In many ways, this is very much a traditional rogue-like adventure, with various stats which can be leveled up, skills to learn and classes to choose from. There's also a bunch of levels to explore, each of which is infested with monsters to slay, while there is also armor, weapons and other goodies to collect, as well as traps to avoid. As far as modern updates to classic genres go, this is pretty solid stuff. It's got all the depth and complexity of the games from yesteryear, with plenty of options and items to experiment with, but with a little bit more in the way of modern flash. The visuals are still low key though, maintaining that retro feel, but with a lot of personality. Gameplay is absorbing and rarely less than enjoyable, with a bunch of monsters to kill and plenty of exploration to engage in. If the old ASCII-style visuals of the past put you off from trying a rogue-like, you could do a lot worse than checking this one out instead.