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Symphony of destruction

Taking ideas from classic vertical shooters like Xenon 2 and combining them with musical elements to create a very original experience, Symphony is definitely worthy of addition to any shooter fan's collection. The game mixes striking visuals, atmospheric sound design and some unusual gameplay mechanics to great effect and rarely puts a foot wrong. The basic idea here is that your music collection is under threat from five demons and you have to rescue your beloved songs. You can import you own tracks to personalize the game, with different songs resulting in all new levels to try out. The game is viewed from a top down perspective, slightly tilted, with enemies appearing from the sides and top of the screen with the aim of absorbing your music. You can move freely around and must destroy the enemies, which then drop notes to be collected. By collecting these notes you get closer to the level's score target, which earns you kudos to spend on upgrades such as weapons. There are several difficulty levels to try out as well as boss fights, with the overall goal being simply to rack up huge amounts of points. For a fresh twist on the shooter genre, this really nails things. The basic gameplay is implemented supremely well, with the shooter mechanics solid as a rock and proving very satisfying. The addition of the music-based nature adds a lot to the appeal, and when you import your own songs, it starts to feel really personal. The visuals are simple but very striking and effective and combine with the other elements to make a top notch game.