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The future's a grim place

Old-school gamers will remember Bullfrog's classic sci-fi strategy game, also called Syndicate, with fond memories, seeing as though it's a fine piece of retro gaming. This modern reboot is still a decent game but it ditches most of the strategy elements and instead repurposes the concept as an all-action first-person shooter. The game is set in the same universe, which is a dark future where massive corporations rule the world and technology is running out of control. The planet is now divided into two camps, those who let themselves be chipped so they can access a global information network, and those who refuse to be drawn into such things. You take the role of an agent of one of the syndicates and you start by embarking on a mission to test a new type of chip but it's not long before you find yourself caught up in a twisting tale of espionage, betrayal, and terrorism. What follows is a slick FPS which features lots of cool weapons, the ability to slow down time and a number of other cool tricks and gadgets. For anyone who's into games like Deus Ex, this makes for a fine addition to your collection. Although the plot and setting are familiar, the narrative experience here is still gripping, thanks to the detail that's gone into the world building and the fine script. The action too is spectacular and feels very different from your average FPS, which is not surprising given that the game was developed by Starbreeze, who were also responsible for The Darkness and Escape From Butcher Bay. With its stunning visuals and heart-pounding action, this is a modern classic.