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Synnergist (pc game)
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Mystery case

Synnergist is a rather unheard of mystery story game that revolves around Tim Manchin, a reporter that is doomed to write for a lousy tabloid in a crime much like Batman's Gotham - full of violence, murders and evil. Something unusual has started to happen in Tim's city, and he just can't get his nose out of butting in. So, he embarks on an mystery solving scenario full of secret, violence and intrigue that go as deep as secrets go.. The game has a very simple and easy interface and a point and click style gameplay - left click to select, right click to interact. Every line you read is also spoken out loud to you by voice actors and the audio is clear, convincing and detailed. There are live actors involved in the videos of the game, and the whole game has that movie style thing going on, like you're mostly watching a movie while investigating (like in Myst). The game's plot is very interesting and compelling, so you'll probably be hooked to the game until you're finally finished, with a sense of pride and success because you've finally solved the case. Mystery lovers will get right on the game, and I suggest other players check it out to, it's quite worth your time.