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Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (pc game)
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Plenty of puzzling goodness

Tales from Space is a wonderful little platform/puzzle game which is an absolute delight from start to finish and makes for the perfect addition to the collection of any Katamari fan. The basic idea of the game is that you control a mutant alien blob which manages to escape from the shop in which it is held captive. You then have to travel through a variety of environments, rescuing other blobs as you go. There are several interesting mechanics to bring in the puzzle elements, such as the ability to absorb objects which help you to grow in size, while abilities such as telekinesis are also introduced as you progress. Others include concepts like magnetism, which allow you to boost away or towards objects. There are six large areas to explore, each with several sub-stages and with the visual style being very much influenced by 50s music and art, with a lot of whacky humor also thrown in for good measure. Throw in some fun minigames and a few hidden extras, and you pretty much have the game down. Tales From Space really is a joy from the moment you boot it up. The visual style catches your eye immediately, with some lovely character and environmental design work which brings a smile to your face. The puzzles and gameplay are hugely enjoyable, being challenging and simply damn good fun, and which again ensure you're always smiling when you're playing. The sound effects and music are perfectly matched to the irreverent feel of the game and overall, this really is a wonderful piece of work that deserves to be played.