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Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 (pc game)
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Return of a classic

The original Monkey Island games are some of the most fondly remembered point-and-click adventures so it's no great surprise that the franchise was brought back to life recently. This time however, the concept was for the games to be released initially in episodic format, starting with Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, although the gameplay was largely similar to the original games and which turned out to be of a similarly high quality. This is the third episode in the ongoing tales of returning hero Guybrush Threepwood so if you haven't played the earlier ones, then do yourself a favor and head back to the beginning and enjoy the adventure as it unfolds, complete with cliffhangers. This one finds Guybrush being swallowed by a giant manatee and continues in fine form as his search for La Esponja Grande unfolds. In gameplay terms, this one is similar to earlier installments but with a slightly heavier emphasis on dialogue puzzles rather than inventory ones, while the actual control method is also slightly different from traditional point-and-click games, such as Broken Sword. This really is an absolute treat and shows that the Monkey Island games still have a lot to offer and that their reputation isn't unjustly overinflated. The humor which defined the series is still in evidence here, with some superbly witty and clever writing that rarely fails to bring a smile to your face. Throw in some lovely graphics which are equally inventive and you have the makings of a truly great adventure.