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Tapper (root beer tapper) (pc game)
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Want to know what it's like to be a bartender?

Tapper is a very simple, yet very addictive game (like Donkey Kong, another game from that era) that depicts the job of a bartender perfectly. You are the bartender and you have to serve all your customers with beer and collect the mugs when they are finished drinking. The thing is, there are four bars and a bunch of customers comming and you have to be quick enough to manouver from table to table, leaving nobody left out because if you let the customers waiting for too long, it's gonna be you that's kicked out, and you lose a life. Also, if a mug is dropped to the floor, you also lose a life. Not as easy as you thought, eh? This is in fact a game of reflexes, speed and attention, because you have very little time to react and have to be as quick as possible. The game can go on for hours on end and I had a blast playing it. The graphics are really fantastic for such an old game, although today we would think of it as very outdated. So, get yourself some kind of DOS emulator and hook this game up for tons of fun. Think quick!