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Team Factor (us special forces: team factor) (pc game)
3 out of 5 (1 votes)
  • Take cover!
  • Stop pointing that gun at the mirror!
  • Who left their jeep here?
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Fantastic team playing FPS

Excellent game Team Factor! It is basically a team based first person shooter game which is quire dynamic in terms of how you play and counter the enemies. The plot in Team Factor is that you can control 4 different characters such as a solider, a sniper, a scout and a weapons expert. All of these characters have their own set of skills as it indicated by their designation in the ranks of the gameplay. The game is not just simple shoot at sight action but also involves tactics as to how you want to take down your enemies and which skill you want to focus on most. The weapons in the game are also quite divers and you get access to more weapons as you progress in levels. The level designs in the game are very dynamic and distinct and they have been sprinkled with some progressively tough enemies. The graphics in the game are very sharp and solid and the action is detailed and lag free. The same can be said about the controls because they are very responsive and allow you to grip the action instantly and effectively. Overall it is a really addictive game.