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Technobabylon (pc game)
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Dark Future

Like a modern version of the classic science fiction point-and-click adventure Beneath a Steel Sky, this cracking game is an absolute must play for genre fans. It combines loads of atmosphere, stacks of attitude and a deep, involving storyline to great effect and thus makes a game which deserves to be played. The game is set in a grim but believable future, where genetic engineering is the standard, an AI rules the city and most people spend their time jacked into the Trance. It's like Neuromancer or Shadowrun on a bad day but even more fun. The story follows the complex lives of three diverse characters whose paths cross as they explore the city and who are going to have to make some tough decisions as the story progresses. In gameplay terms, this is similar to the aforementioned titles, with the player exploring both the real world and the cyber world, solving puzzles and following the fascinating storyline. Most of the puzzles are item-based, and although there is a lot of dialogue, most of it isn't puzzle related. You can only die in a few scenes, making this a mostly stress-free experience, while the story is mostly linear, with little in the way of real choice. Despite this lack of freedom, Technobabylon is a fine experience. The world created here is believable and deep, while the story is well written, with an excellent script that will keep you hooked. The visuals are striking, with some lovely environments and character design, so overall, if you love a good story, then you can't go wrong with this.