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TEMBO: The Badass Elephant (pc game)
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Tembo to the rescue!

With a title like, you shouldn't really be expecting a very serious game and indeed, if there's one thing Tembo has going for it, it's its delightful sense of humor. Fortunately, it's also backed up with some solid 2.5D platforming action, like the Strider remake, and which makes it a nice addition to any genre fan's collection. The wonderfully mad story finds Shell City under attack from the vicious Phantom military force so it falls to Tembo, the titular elephant, to step in and save the day. To do this, he needs to defeat the many troops of the Phantom army, with the overall goal being to destroy three huge tanks. As you travel through the game's seventeen levels, you can also rescue civilians. In a nod to some classic war films, Tembo is dressed as a certain movie hero and must dash, jump, slide and attack his way through the various levels, with his many moves being used to put out fires and other such things, alongside taking out the bad guys. There are a few puzzles along the way, but the main focus is on environmental destruction and all-out action and in this respect, the game certainly delivers the goods. It's not a classic of the genre but it's enjoyable enough to warrant a look, with heaps of enjoyable action to wade through and of course, that charming sense of humor. The visuals are also top notch, with design work that is full of personality and charm, with audio to match. There are a few strange design choices which bring the fun down a notch, which is a shame, as without them, this could have been a true cracker.