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TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea (pc game)
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Living in exile

In sharp contrast to the dismal Might & Magic Heroes Online, this is a pretty solid slice of MMORPG which isn't overly original but which provides some decent online adventuring. It's kind of an outdated game, in the feel of its quests and writing, while some of the design choices are a tad odd, but the core combat is enjoyable and well-thought out, while the visuals also display some originality. Most of what's on offer here has been seen a million times in other such games, with the usual character customization options, guilds to join, quests to embark on, items to craft and so on. However, the combat here is a little deeper than is so often the case, requiring a bit more than the usual click and stab routine. Another interesting addition is the political system, which allows players to play the role of a political leader who can raise taxes, put people in jail and so on. Apart from this though, this is a very similar kind of experience to things like World of Warcraft. As such, if you do miss this, you're not going to be missing much as it certainly isn't a ground-breaking experience. It suffers from an outdated feel, with some very basic quests which boil down to running around killing eight hairy pigs or whatever, which can get tedious. The way new ideas are introduced is also a bit random, giving the game an uneven feel. However, it does score some points with its impressive visuals and the combat system, which is deep and satisfying. Certainly not a must play, but one for genre fans on the lookout for something new.