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Building and adventure

With addictive gameplay and absolutely heaps of content, Terreria is a building/crafting fan's idea of heaven and which is perfect for followers of LEGO and Minecraft. It's a 2D game which encourages players to build, create and explore a retro-inspired pixel world that is just brimming with hazards and wonderful things to discover. As you venture forth into this miraculous realm, you use your pickaxe to dig up various items from the earth and then use whatever comes up to craft all manner of curious items. Your best bet is to start with somewhere to rest in, as when night falls, zombies and eyeball monsters come out to play, while swords and axes will come in handy during the day too, to take out the slimes that prefer the sunlight. As you progress, you'll find new materials to craft better weapons as well as more monsters to deal with, while if you upgrade your base, you'll bring in NPCs such as merchants and nurses who come in handy with their ability to sell you items or heal your wounds. Terraria really is an absolute delight. While it might not sound entirely engaging to start with, it's one of those games that really hooks you in once you do begin, and it absolutely refuses to let go. There's an almost endless variety of things to do, and the game cleverly creates a genuine sense of exploration and adventure that is difficult not to like. The visuals too are lovely, with that classic old-school pixel feel that adds a lot to the game's appeal, so really, if you're looking for a good time, you'll find it here.