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TerraTech: Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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Build 'em up, knock 'em down

Another title that's still in development, TerraTech is a fun building game that should appeal to fans of things like Lego, due to its blockbuilding nature. This deluxe pack includes the base game plus the R&D DLC, making it a good choice to get the most content for your money. The game takes place in the far future where Earth's natural resources have been depleted to the point where off-world prospectors now roam around alien planets, scavenging whatever they can find. You are one of these prospectors, so it's your job to design and construct a fleet of vehicles to gather and harvest what you can while racking up the cash. You'll beuild your vehicles out of blocks and the only real limit on what you can do is your imagination and there's a huge range of types and weapons to play around with. Once you're out on a job, you'll find other prospectors getting in your way, so in between mining and gathering, you'll get caught up in fast-paced combat with your rivals. TerraTech certainly isn't an overly serious game but it sure is a lot of fun. It's got a cool Wild West/Firefly vibe to it, with a nice sense of lawlessness to the exploration and fighting elements. Building up your fleet is easy enough, thanks to the intuitive interface and it really is heaps of fun just seeing what you can create. The visuals are lush and cartoony, with vibrant color which helps to create the sense of enjoyment that the game embodies and lots of detail to appreciate. The gameplay is varied and entertaining, so if you enjoy building and exploration, then check this out.