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TFX (tfx: tactical fighter experiment) (pc game)
4.43 out of 5 (21 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Menu: training schedule
  • First mission started
  • Preparing the plane
  • Looking for the target
  • That one over there could be a good one
  • Some enemy plane is just in front of you
  • Drop a bomb now!
  • Some dogfighting action!
  • Those are enemy target buildings
  • Approaching the buildings to be destroyed
  • Quite a heavy load...
  • Too much info for me
  • Main menu screen
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Pefect flight sim for newcomers and veterans alike

Flight sim fans of all types will find much to enjoy here, as TFX provides both realistic and arcade-style flying action in a well-rounded package that has aged pretty well. Three different craft are on display here, the Eurofighter, F-22 and F-117, each of which can be highly customised according to mission requirements. Speaking of which, there are three main ways to play the game, with an arcade mode sitting comfortably alongside the option to create custom missions or to take part in a full campaign. The arcade mode throws players right into the action, while the campaign takes you across the globe in a series of dynamic missions where your actions influence the course of the conflict. A nice touch is the way that your progress is charted in journals and the press. Given its age, TFX stands up well today. Although not spectacular by current standards, graphics are perfectly serviceable, while there is a tremendous sense of excitement and tension created during missions. The level of realism is also high enough to keep veterans of games like the Falcon series happy while newcomers will find this a highly accessible introduction to the world of flight sims and overall, this has much to recommend it.

A classic

TFX is one of the three ruling combat flight simulation games of the nineties, the other two being F-14 Fleet Defender and Tornado. Out of the three, it sports the best graphics and the highest amount of detail and realism. You get to control three different aircrafts over several campaigns, and there is also an option of the instant arcade mode or single scenario mission. As an UN fighter, you fight in five different campaigns spanning over various location across the globe, from Columbia to Libya and the Balkans, to name a few. The amount of realism and graphic detail is something to really be amazed at, since in 1994 the game was light years ahead of other games at the time. The audio is midi or cd quality, depending on which version of the game you play. Either way, it's good but not outstandingly so. In any case, if you are a combat sim lover, this is a game you absolutely must have in your collection.