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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) (pc game)
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  • Astonishing graphics!
  • Black cat is quite sexy!
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Spidey's turn to shine

Not to be mixed up with the original Amazing Spiderman from 1990, this is a tie-in to the mostly superfluous movie of the same name which once again told the tale of Spidey and his origins. The game here actually continues on from the movie so if you are a fan of it, this is a good way to find out what happens next although in truth, the game is just as average as its inspiration. The story revolves around an experiment at Oscorp involving a cross-species virus (which also caused Lizard to show up) but which gets out and hits Manhattan. It thus falls to Spiderman to help find a cure and give help to the city's beleaguered citizens. What follows is a open-world action adventure, similar in many ways to the Arkham series of Batman games, which features a mix of narrative-led missions, side quests, lots of free-flow combat, stealth sequences, and other such things. You've got access to Spidey's famous senses, which can be upgraded by completing certain missions, while there are also lots of collectibles to discover. For Spiderman fans, this is a pretty good choice as it does a decent job of recreating the thrills and spills of the web-slinging superhero. There's no denying it's quite exhilarating to start with as you get to zip around the city with your webs and the variety of powers on offer also gives the game a nicely authentic flavor. The visuals aren't bad, again bringing to life the comic book world, while the combat is enjoyable and satisfying. It does lack the sheer brilliance of the Arkham games though but for fans of Spidey, it remains a good option.