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Solve puzzles with a great big ball

Starting out life as a mod for Unreal Tournament 3, The Ball is a pretty cool puzzler that mixes an interesting an original story with some clever and inventive head scratching fun to largely decent effect. The plot finds players in Mexico in 1940 at a particularly interesting archaeological site which seems to hide some Aztec artifacts. However, when the player falls down a hole, they find themselves embarking on an epic journey to discover the truth behind the titular ball. This ball, which is discovered shortly after your fall, can be carried and pushed away as you wish and which is used to push switches, open doors, attack enemies and other such activities. It can also perform a variety of other useful functions such as storing electricity and lava, lighting up the darkness, powering vehicles and acting as a platform to help you access new areas. Its versatility comes in terribly handy as you explore this mysterious world and helps to make the game a little different from the usual shooters. The Ball is largely executed to impressive effect and makes for an entertaining adventure. The plot is intriguing for most of its running time and keeps you hooked to the end. However, it's the puzzles and variety which are the real stars here and most of them are cracking stuff. The variety of uses to which the ball can be put means they are some highly inventive puzzles to figure out here and they are usually challenging and rarely less than enjoyable to solve. Throw in some excellent visuals and environmental design and you have an unusual but fun adventure.