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The Black Death (pc game)
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The plague is coming!

Fans of survival games like H1Z1 and so on might be tempted to check out the Black Death, as it offers grim multiplayer action in an interesting alternative to the usual environments. However, it's still an Early Access game and it really shows, as there are currently so many bugs that it becomes almost unplayable, thus making it a tough game to recommend right now. The game thrusts you into the gritty medieval world of Western Europe, when it was being ravaged by the titular plague. You're given a vast world to explore, filled with crumbling castles, ports, abandoned mines and so on, while your main task is simply to survive in this nightmare land. You'll meet tons of NPCs, choose from a number of authentic medieval professions to help you make your mark, and craft, loot and pillage a huge amount of items and gear, while unlocking skills and learning things like recipes. You can have up to fifty human players in the multiplayer servers, thus offering some theoretically interesting opportunities for teamwork or struggling against the other players. This has the potential to be a solid addition to the survival genre. All the basic elements are in place for an enjoyable experience, and indeed, when it works, this is pretty fun stuff. The world is genuinely exciting to explore, and this is really a role-player's dream come true, thanks to the range of options and customization. However, there's just too many bugs which get in the way of the entertainment so this is probably best left alone until it's more stable.