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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (pc game)
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Riddick is back

One of the most underrated shooters of past generations, this is a top notch piece of science fiction action that perfectly captures the spirit of the movies which inspired it and which is well worth a look. There are actually two games here, the original Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault of Dark Athena itself, with the latter continuing directly where the first game left off in terms of story. The plot is a complex but fascinating one, as notorious anti-hero Riddick finds himself caught up in the machinations of mercenaries out to collect the bounty on his head and who want to deliver him to a ship where he will be turned into a mindless drone. What follows is a first person shooter but one which focuses on stealth. Given that the darkness is Riddick's friend, this makes perfect sense, and he spends much of the time sneaking his way through the maze-like halls of the spaceship, shanking bad guys from behind, but don't worry, you do get your hands on some more explosive weaponry to liven things up. Both of the games on offer here are excellent examples of the genre and deserve to be played by any self-respecting shooter fan. The visuals match the movies perfectly, with dark brooding environments that are hauntingly atmospheric. Sound too is well designed, adding to the cinematic feel. Gameplay is tight and exciting, with a perfect blend of stealth and action, while the story paints another fascinating picture of life in Riddick's dark world. All in all, a cracking bit of blasting fun.