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The Depths of DOOM Trilogy (pc game)
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Fantastic collection of classic shooters

If you've never been introduced to the visceral delights of perhaps the greatest and most inspirational old-school shooter out there, the legendary DOOM, this is the perfect package to set things straight. It offers everything you need to get right into the action and enjoy the whole slaughterfest that started a worldwide obsession. There's a whole raft of content here in this package which basically throws together The Ultimate DOOM with the sequel DOOM II and the official map CD Master Levels for DOOM II. The games themselves still stand up remarkably well and tell the blood-soaked story of one tough space marine's epic quest to bring an end to the demonic invasion that is spilling forth and threatening to overcome the universe. The Ultimate DOOM is the original game plus an extra chapter with nine new levels, while the sequel speaks for itself. However, it's the Master Levels which are perhaps the most interesting inclusion, as here you will find some 20 standalone maps that were created by independent designers and which provide some interesting and exciting new ways to enjoy the game. As they are from different sources, there's no overall story but some of the ones from the same designer do form a mini-campaign and while the quality varies a bit, they are mostly pretty decent stuff. There's probably not much here that DOOM fans haven't already seen and played but if you are new to the series then this really is the best way to start as it brings all you need together in one great collection. DOOM is an undeniable classic so if you haven't played it, you now have no excuse not to get stuck in.