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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (pc game)
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Unlimited adventure

The Elder Scrolls series is of course a legend in the industry, with Skyrim rightly being hailed by many as the greatest game of all time. So it was no surprise when the release of an online version was greeted with such enthusiasm. It didn't all get off to a perfect start however, with the monthly subscription fee attracting criticism and which led to this version being released, which does away with such things. The game is essentially the same though and is set before the events of Skyrim and follows the events surrounding the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. There isn't a single storyline here though, and instead each of the game's factions has its own campaign and which are eventually tied together as you complete them. Much of the gameplay is similar to earlier instalments, this being an open-world RPG with a focus on exploration and combat but there are also new elements of PvP where you can take on other players in faction wars or team up with your chums to take on dungeons and bosses. Some players are going to call this the greatest MMO ever and some will call it the worst, it's that kind of game. The truth however is somewhere in the middle. It's an undeniably impressive achievement, with a genuine sense of awe as you explore and behold the wonder of the gameworld. The single player portion is as enthralling as ever while the PvP aspect is generally well implemented. The change from the subscription model has helped things a lot so if you are looking for a solid, well crafted RPG adventure, this is worth a look.