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Let's get out of here!

Like a new school take on the classic 8-bit prison game The Great Escape, The Escapists provides a nice light-hearted look at life on the inside. Similar to its inspiration, it provides players with an insight into the daily routine of prison life while you make plans for breaking out into the free world. You start out by finding out how things work in the prison, getting used to the routines and personalities of the guards and other inmates, and finding out where holes in the prison's defences lie. You have to find useful items and craft them into other things that will help you with your plans, including tools and weapons. You also have to increase your character's stats by doing things like exercising in the yard, as well as keeping down a job, attending roll call and generally keeping out of trouble. There are several different job types to choose from, eight different prisons to try out, two hundred or so items to experiment with, plenty of humorous inmates to chat with and multiple approaches to try out in relation to your escape. You can even create your own prisons to try out with your friends. If you are looking for a newer take on The Great Escape, then this is a great bet. It's got a lovely eight-bit style top down perspective which gives it a great sense of personality but it's the sheer variety of options available to you that is the real draw here. You have to use your creativity to try out different ways of escaping and it's a lot of fun to experiment with tools and other items to figure out the best way. All in all, this is a fun experience that will keep you hooked for some time.