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The Fall (pc game)
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Don't look down

If you like your adventures short, sweet and packed with a great storyline, then The Fall is going to be right up your street. It's got a very stylish look to it, as well as a gripping narrative and some excellent puzzles, and when combined, these elements help to make it a wise purchase. You take the role of ARID, an AI in a hi-tech combat suit. When ARID finds itself crashlanding on an alien planet, and its human pilot unconscious, it falls to ARID to save the day. What follows is a surprisingly deep and complex tale, as ARID uncovers various mysteries lurking on the planet and even starts to question its own reasons for being. The gameplay is a sort of mix between adventure/puzzler and side scrolling action game, which relies heavily on exploration of the well realized world. The action sequences also manage to get some cover-based shooting in, so there's a good mix of styles here, but they all blend together quite well. The main draw here though, is the storyline, and the developers claim that two years of work went into this aspect alone. It does show, as there is considerably more depth on display here than in many games, and the various twists and turns that unfold along the way are certainly worth the entrance fee alone. Fortunately, the gameplay is pretty solid too, with some clever and inventive puzzles to solve alongside the action. The visuals too are quite stylish, with some evocative design work which gives the game a unique feel. It is a little on the short side, but as long as you're only expecting a few hours of play, you should have a good time here.