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The Fourth Protocol (pc game)
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Jim Preston, the universal secret agent, to save the world!

Jim Preston is a British agent, and in this adventure it is tasked with saving the world. His main goal is to rid the world of the nasty Russian evil individuals. The game, initially released for the Apple PCs was a cool, interface heavy game; you had to choose from a number of mini games, all that were represented by their icon, and they were a telephone, a dickettess, and a few different PCs. The minigames were cool and an interesting puzzle build. None of them were too hard. Thus, you can really enjoy it, even if graphically the game is just delivered in 8bit, Apple PC style, which looks pretty classy. Also, what you will get from the game is a good vibe, even in spite of the nasty backstory. It might not be a definitive secret agent story that you were hoping, but the puzzles, individually and combined create a nice feel to the adventure. So, give it a try, it will certainly satisfy and will get your breaks filled nicely. Else download Alter Ego – Male (or Female), if you want to experience an individual's life with more detail and simulation girth.

Cool story, political thriller; minimalist graphically

This is a mighty serious adventure game, whose main story revolves around a political plot, which, as you'll find out as you explore the game, is quite the thriller. But, while the story will entice you, the overall aspect of the game might not be everyone's cup of coffee. Because The Fourth Protocol is a game that oozes personality, but a personality through minimalist graphics, and an overtly simplistic world. It's because this game was released in 85, when most su8ch games were delivered strictly via text based builds, you can't judge this one too harshly. After all, the game is doing a great job of its own works. And, so, you will find that it offers you a lot of great moments, just not graphically. At times you'll also wish you could play it with a mouse, but well, tough luck. Still, a story this good, and a story this serious is rare, and so worth putting up with the problematic graphical look. Plus, some might enjoy a minimalist game, graphically, because it was designed for machines that couldn't handle more, rather than being some sort of hipster move! So pick it up, and have Democracy around, if you want to exercise your political prowess form a more God like position.