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The Immortal (pc game)
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  • Background info
  • Exploring the dungeon
  • Watch out for the arrows!
  • Be careful
  • Examining the body
  • Combat screen
  • Taking a hit
  • Dodging
  • Get ready for combat
  • Have a look at the candle
  • Getting tired
  • Gold!
  • Inventory screen
  • Run away
  • Game title screen
  • Meditating alone in a room
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Before Diablo ruled the world!

You'll be amazed how similar this game is to Diablo, a good 5 years before the monster came to be! But, certainly, The Immortal is not an inventor of the top down isometric action oriented RPG. There are lots of other even older contenders but what The Immortal does well is offer you a pretty generous view of the playing field, as the perspective is pretty high above, a thing I always love about oldies, as they generally tended to keep you restricted to very small portion of the screen, to mitigate the need for more powerful processors or (the existence!) or graphics cards. Otherwise it's a recipe you'll know of, even if you've never played ARPGs on the PC or specifically the DOS platforms. Today it seems these types of games have kind of found a new home on tablets and on touch screen smartphones, where they can easily be controlled via finger swipes and all that jazz! Well, nope, during the olden DOS days it was all about the keyboard and, if you were lucky, and had a mouse, a mouse! But surely, the game is designed with that a an optional choice of control. Another original element of the game is the use of a so called shape shifting mechanic, a cool way to promote different types of gameplay, sort of allowing you to respecialize, as in certain forms you can be a berserk action hero, if, say, during your normal gameplay experience you're a mage. Graphically, think Diablo and dial down the diversity a notch, a notch and a half! Still a great looking action RPG, for simple mindless RPG matches now and then.