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The Last Federation - Betrayed Hope (pc game)
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  • The galaxy

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What an expansion pack should be

The original Last Federation is a cracking bit of science fiction themed strategy that plays out like Master of Orion or Alpha Centauri. It's got plenty of deeply tactical combat and space exploration and which turns out to be a thoroughly absorbing experience. This is an add-on pack so you do need the base game to play it but it's well worth picking up if you are a fan, as it brings a lot of new elements to the table. The principal shake up is the way it reverses the flow of the original by making you in charge of a full planetary power out to achieve solar domination and which brings a new layer of 4X to proceedings. You now have the ability to command armadas and ground troops, while the political system is also more complex. Rather than attempting to achieve unity, you're now trying to destroy your enemies through a mixture of combat, subterfuge and deception. There's an all new mode where you work with other races to survive an outside threat, with other additions including new ships, abilities, quests and music. If you are a fan of the base game, then this is a great way to extend its lifespan even further. The new game modes and additions really bring something new to the experience and help to make it feel fresh and exciting all over again. The new quests are genuinely interesting, while the abilities and ship provide some cool new tactical options to test you. The visuals and interface are of the same high standard as previously so you'll feel right at home when you jump in, and overall this is just what an add-on should be.