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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (pc game)
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A time of heroes

Although it's a long way from RPGs like Final Fantasy or Zelda, Legend of Heroes is an entertaining JRPG which packs a surprisingly entertaining storyline and a nice feeling of depth into a well rounded package. The plot is the usual complex tale of a society which mixes science fiction with fantasy and talks of mysterious technology, bracers, orbalships and all sorts of other bizarre but fascinating concepts. There's the usual epic quest involving a couple of ordinary teens who find themselves mixed up in strange affairs, with plenty of sidequests, plot twists and turn-based combat to enjoy along the way. The world that has been crafted here is impressive, and it does genuinely feel alive, thanks to the nicely written dialogue and enchanting characters which help to make you feel like exploring a real land. There's a sense of detail that's often missed from other games, and every character and location you visit feels like they've had a lot of love and attention paid to them in the creative process. In terms of gameplay, what's on offer here is fairly familiar if you've ever played any JRPG before but it's all put together so well, that it doesn't really matter much. The story is a little slow to get going but stick with it and you'll soon find a compelling narrative that will keep you hooked to the end. There's a lot of depth in terms of customization and strategic elements in the combat, while the visuals are lush and utterly charming, with some great character and environmental work. There's an epic quest here too, so you shouldn't be disappointed if you check this one out.