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If you're a fan of survival sims (not survival horror like Resident Evil), then this is a game you need to investigate. It's still in development but already shows a huge amount of potential, not least because it's already in a good, largely bug-free state but also because it offers a genuinely chilling, tense experience that really brings home the meaning of survival. There are no zombies or infected here and instead the game throws you into an expansive frozen world where you're simply trying to stay alive while battling against the elements. There's no handholding, so don't expect an easy ride and you're going to have to use your wits if you want to make it safely through the dark. At the moment, the only mode available is sandbox, where you're free to roam and explore, but there is a story mode coming soon which promises to add even more intriguing elements to an already good game. This is a very detailed and fairly realistic experience, as you have to think about things like your calorie intake, body temperature, and other such things, but fortunately there are plenty of craftable items to discover which will help you start fires, hunt animals and all the other myriad things you need to do to survive. The Long Dark is already shaping up to be one of the best survival games on the market. It immediately impresses with its visual style, which is gorgeous with lots of lush detail in its fantastically realized environments. The gameplay isn't for everyone, as it's quite thoughtful and doesn't offer any assistance but if that's the kind of game you're into, this is a real treat.