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The Moment of Silence (pc game)
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  • This place is kinda creepy
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Thriller adventure set in the future

For what is worth, The Moment of Silence is a really interesting an intense game. It is built with a great many cinematic moments, though you're not left without things to do. You will be cast in a future that is somewhat Orwellian, in that the world is governed by an authority that leaves little space for freedom of movement. You will play as Peter Wright, trying to carry out the last wishes of a dying man, right before he is taken by SWAT and, most probably executed. As you immerse yourself in the game you will uncover a very bleak, sort of steam punk story that will remind you of The Black Mirror though it does have some contrasting moments of comic relief. Overall, gameplay wise expect a lot of, let's call it so, casual detective work. These puzzles however will be done with the help of modern technology, or rather, future technology, which spikes the gameplay a bit. So, if you want a game that will keep you guessing and will hide some story surprises from you, go for it, The Moment of Silence does hold its own compared to some of the modern adventure classics and you will not be disappointed.

Please, a moment of Silence...

This game has an excellent story-line that is quite frankly very hard to stop playing. It's exciting and has a lot of mystery and twists and turns in it. It's got quite a few things you have to figure out for yourself and survive, but no shooting our fighting. You meet many mysterious people along the way and aren't quite sure whom you can trust, and whom you should be wary of. It's set in the future, but isn't unrealistic at all. There are many settings to explore and it has an excellent plot.