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The Movies (Premiere Edition) (pc game)
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Be a Hollywood movie mogul!

This is a fun, snide take on being a sort of executive/boss of a very large Hollywood production studio, a tycoon judged by your involvement with it or in terms of the manner in which you interact with it. So, without question, you will find it a bit lacking in detail, if say, you wanted a more closer look at the industry. At any rate, there is a portion that feels like a Sims game combined with a movie plateau, so you aren't going to dabble exclusively in the behind the scenes or the money fights that accompany every blockbuster, but, again, it's kept light, manageable. Overall, I'd say this is a game that is a sort of minigames combination, bundled together tightly enough to make sense to call a movie tycoon. The graphics are a plasticky kind of cartoonish which feels alright given the light atmosphere of the game, though I wouldn't necessarily see it as a game for children, given its economical portion which is quite advanced. So pick it carefully, maybe demo it before trying it, see how you like the premise and the execution, I can't say that it's for everyone, as it can be quite finicky at times.