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The Rugrats Movie: Activity Challenge (pc game)
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  • Rugrats keyboarding game
  • Floating downstream on the river
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Cartoon-style good times

If you've got young ones who are followers of the popular TV show and associated movies, then this collection of learning activities is sure to keep them quiet for some time. Pair it up with something from the Electric Crayon series or even good old Carmen Sandiego and you're in for a good time. This one features six mini-games to enjoy, each with ten levels plus a bonus one if you're good enough to unlock it. The first game is similar to Gridlock, and requires players to navigate around moving cars while picking up objects, while the second is a little like Toobin' and finds you floating down a river in inner tube, avoiding bananas thrown by monkeys. The third is a musical game requiring letters to be typed to a rhythm in order to prevent a giant monster from destroying the city, while the fourth involves using clever machines to help one of the characters escape from an anti-gravity trap. The fifth game is a sort of sliding puzzle involving trains while the last sees those moneys return and which requires you to grab items from them. The bonus game finds you avoiding hazards and collecting more items. Although the educational content of these games is fairly low, there's no denying that for the target market, they should provide plenty of fun and entertainment. The visuals are the perhaps the game's best feature, with accurate representations of the popular characters and some nice bright environments. The gameplay is quite varied, with the various mini-games being quite different from one another, so really if you're a Rugrats fan, there's no excuse not to pick this one up.