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Welcome to the Matrix

The Sims is a true juggernaut of the gaming industry, a seemingly unstoppable wave of life sim games that has probably taken up more hours than any other franchise in history. This third instalment retains much of what has made the series so popular but adds a huge amount of extra content and features, so if you are ready to leap into a virtual world where little is of any real consequence, then this is a great choice. As ever, the game is all about creating a virtual avatar and then following your path through life. After creating your character, which now has a lot more options, it's then out into the 'real' world, where you follow your hopes and dreams, meeting other characters and generally living your life. You're free to move around the gameworld, traveling, hooking up with new people, learning new skills, experiencing new things and generally doing what you do in the real world but without the hassle of leaving your own home. Your interest in the game is pretty much going to be decided from reading a description of it. If the idea of a life sim sounds pointless to you and you're looking for a bit more action or structure, then this is certainly not going to be for you, but you've probably already decided that. However, if it even appeals a tiny bit, then it's likely you'll get some entertainment here. And for the fan, there is much to enjoy and discover. The world is vast, the characters infinitely varied, the options broad and the visuals full of personality. Give it a whirl, but be prepared to say goodbye to the real world.