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The Terminator 2029: Operation Scour (pc game)
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Expansion for Terminator 2029

First, make sure you scout the Terminator 2029 game then apply this upgrade. With it you get a set of 12 new missions, as well as a few other trinkets. In terms of playability the armor that you get, the ACE Battle Armor is the element that mostly impacts gameplay, offering this game a more substantial shielding against enemies, as this expansion is definitely a little harder than the base game, plus, it allows you to survive for longer, and thus negates what could have been a lot of restarts. Thus, even if harder, overall, Operation Scour is still well balanced. Now, in terms of graphical improvement, I can't say that this title changes the base game a whole lot, but it sure brings forth a few neat improvements here and there, especially in the realm of the backgrounds. The most notable enemy included in the game is the Manta and the Gardian, both with their own kind of defense and offense abilities. So, if you liked the original, yet still wanted some more action from it, apply this expansion pack and see the adventure against Sky Net continued.