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The Ultimate Doom (pc game)
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  • Let's start!
  • He's in front of your
  • Toxic waste around
  • Shoot at the barrels
  • Justice is done!
  • Look that blue shining face over there
  • Here there is anouther enemy
  • This is the monster who just killed you
  • Gathering some courage to go in
  • Game title screen
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Image extracted from youtube video.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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The original and best!

Goldeneye, Call of Duty, Battlefield and all the other first person shooters out there owe their existence to Doom, the hardcore blaster that started a genre. With its science fiction/horror theme, bloody combat and some wonderfully over-the-top weapons, Doom set the template for much that followed and is often cited as one of the most influential video games ever. Players find themselves battling through space stations, blasting wave after wave of demonic creatures unleashed from Hell, with no other goal than to send them back where they came from. There are of course numerous weapons to help you out, including chainsaws, chainguns, plasma rifles and the notorious BFG. Ultimate Doom expands on the original's three episodes by adding in a fourth which acts as a bridge between Doom and its sequel. Even today, Doom stands up remarkably well, with simple but immensely satisfying gunplay, responsive controls and a near perfect mix of action and exploration. It is also highly atmospheric, with some chilling sound effects that create a genuinely unsettling mood, and which is supported by the graphically impressive and well designed levels. If all you know of FPS games is Call of Duty or Battlefield, then you owe it to yourself to dig this one out and find out how it all began.

The most epic game of the nineties

Ah, Doom. Doom, Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein practically made the nineties. They practically don't go one without each other. The Ultimate Doom is an enhanced version to the original Doom game, with an extra 9 level episode called Thy Flesh Consumed. Such a cute title, as always. Besides the extra episode, the game brings nothing new. Not that anything new is needed. After its initial release, the game became world known for its unique engine, that eventually gave birth to Heretic and Hexen. It's gameplay is as awesome as it is simple - you just have to find the exit of the level, while surviving every enemy and trap that is sent or put to kill you. You are armed from head to toe with just about anything, chainsaw included. The game is pure awesome, adrenaline and action. It just screams with testosterone with its full lungs. If you are a Doom fan, this game with the extra nine levels will be great for you. For all others, really, what are you waiting for? Get this game, and get it right now!