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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (pc game)
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Gotta match 'em all!

If there's one thing which seems to have swamped the casual gaming market then it's all these hundreds of interminable match 3 games which leap out of every corner. Most of them are pretty much exactly the same thing with just a few minor differences so if you like one, you like 'em all. This is another such game which makes use of the much-loved children's classic to add some appeal and while the visuals certainly benefit from the licence, it's questionable how much the gameplay gains. The idea here is that you are trying to remove pieces of the Yellow Brick Road which is achieved in the usual fashion for the genre, by swapping bricks around. You'll also find Munchkins trapped in some of the blocks and by freeing five of them, you'll be able to move blocks diagonally while there are also hazards like locks and vines which behave in the usual way. There are also bonus items which are based around famous characters and include the Cowardly Lion (who destroys neighboring blocks) and items such as axes, stars and fireballs. This really isn't any different to the typical match 3 game and if you desperately need to play another such title, then this is as good as any. The licence is used fairly well but it could have been done in a more immersive and imaginative way as it doesn't really capture the magic of the books or the film. The gameplay is either compulsively addictive or mind-numbingly tedious, depending on your point of view, so really this is one of those games that you'll know if you'll like it before you've even picked it up.