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The Worm (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Get gobbling!

No surprises for guessing that The Worm is another take on that classic Snake formula which has gobbled up so many hours of casual gamers throughout the years. This one doesn't really add anything to the established conventions of its inspiration but it remains a curiously addictive little experience which is perfect for when you have fifteen minutes to kill. Just in case you've never played the original before, the idea here is that you control a smiley-faced little worm and must help him negotiate a series of single screens, gobbling up food which just happens to be lying around. The food gives you points but also makes your snake grow bigger, making it more difficult to make your way around the screen and avoid the various bugs which are out to get you. You've got ten lives to get as far as possible, while other additions to the formula include the way that time speeds up the longer you go without eating any food but which then slows down once you do, adding to the pressure to get hunting. The Worm is certainly far from a must play but it's testament to the core idea that it actually remains a highly enjoyable and compelling experience. There's something very addictive about navigating those screens while watching out for spiders and your own tail and although there's little point to the game beyond chasing high scores, it's still a very satisfying experience and has that one-more-go quality in spades. The visuals are of course nothing to write home about but when the gameplay is this good, who cares?