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Theatre of War: Collection (pc game)
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History comes to life

The Theatre of War series is a nicely detailed and generally enjoyable set of historical real-time strategy games which is just about worth picking up if you're into such things. And if you are curious about the series, then this is probably the best way to get into it as you actually have the first two main games in the series, the original plus Africa 1943, as well as two expansion packs for the second game, Centauro and Kursk 1943, making this very good value for money. The first game sets the general tone for the collection, being a WWII RTS which allows you to experience the war through five campaigns for each of the major factions. There are of course heaps of authentically detailed units to make use of and the game is very realistic in terms of things like ballistics, meaning you really need to use your head to win here. The sequel shifts the focus to North Africa with three campaigns for the British, Americans and Germans, while the expansion packs bring in even more, allowing you to take part for example in the Battle for Kasserine Pass amongst other such famous battles. Theatre of War is perhaps not a classic example of the RTS genre, offering as it does little in the way of innovation but for any WWII buff, it makes for an entertaining time. All the games are quite tricky, as they are very detailed and realistic, so don't go in expecting an easy time. If you're up to the challenge though, there's some deep and very strategic missions to complete and which really suck you into the period. So, not one for casual gamers but for dedicated strategy fans, this is a good collection.