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Theatre (pc game)
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IF set in an abandoned theater; spooky!

Theatre is an interactive fiction game, mostly based around the idea of surviving a night in a haunted theater, where loads of different monsters roam about. It's a psychological game, one that truly does a great job of spooking you, and also, just suggesting horrors, and then letting you fill in the gaps. It's a darkly game, pretty intense, pretty cool, always offering you a satisfying production and giving you the feel that something horrible must be hiding around. Thus, the game's writing is very top notch. The only thing keeping you from real immersion is the fact that in Theatre you don't really have a very responsive parser. Still, your choices are not too difficult; you have to choose which corridors to go, solve some of the puzzles, which are never too hard. Also, as with many of these games, you have a few different endings, but nothing too different, so if you play the game once and finish it, it sure will be more than enough. Similarly spooky, Sanitarium also latches onto the psychological and gives you a darkly, twisted thrill ride, while still being an adventure, this time point and click though.